Electronic-Know Your Customer searching the SEC.GOV Edgar database

The Problem We Solve


Vetting for Sanctioned Activities

  • Banks needs to ascertain that its customers are not engaged in sanctioned activities
  • Having in place efficient vetting solutions ensures compliance with the law 


Bye-bye backlog

  • The costs and complexity of KYC are rising, and are having a negative impact on business
  • People spend a lot of time reading documents in order to find relevant information 
  • Automating this task and cutting reading time many fold would make the KYC process more efficient


eKYC.xyz Efficiencies

  • Solves the problem of spending too much time reading documents
  • Uses AI and data analytics to search for multiple terms at the same time
  • Derives KYC knowledge insights quickly from the SEC Edgar database

WHY eKYC.xyz


  • Simple & Smart
  • Search the Edgar database on the fly with multiple activities

Fast & Accurate

  • Calibrate engine on the fly
  • Uncover insights from questions you might not have thought to ask

On-Prem, Cloud or SaaS

  • Quickly expose KYC knowledge
  • Point and click directly into SEC Edgar database or files on your desktop



eKYC.xyz application container hybrid cloud or on-prem service

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  • Efficiently search and retrieve EDGAR filings
  • Optimize your SEC compliance strategy
  • Accelerate your analysis of SEC filings & turn your insights into actions


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